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 Walton Retirement Home - Assisted and Independent Living Options in a Rural Setting
Sketch of the Walton Home.

Walton Retirement Home is a non-profit and charitable ministry of Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers). We offer both Assisted Living and Independent Living options in a caring environment. Walton Retirement Home is a state-licensed Assisted Living facility. Independent Living options include private residences and apartments.

Nestled among rolling hills and apple orchards of Southeast Ohio, the Walton Retirement Home's assisted living and independent living options often cost much less than similar facilities in large urban areas. But low cost does not mean low quality of care. To the contrary, care at the Walton Retirement Home is attentive, supportive, and lovingly provided.

And at Walton Retirement Home, you can be as busy and involved as you choose. See the Events section for examples of activities provided.

Click image for a larger version. Click here for a map of Walton Retirement Home facilities.

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